Message from the CEO

Message from the CEO

The YRBCC (Young Rehabilitated Blind of Cameroon Club) is an organization that has made its way, nearly 30 years already serving people with disabilities in general and visually impaired people in particular, with a dedicated team that has acquired this noble cause.

I am pleased to invite you to visit the website of the Club of Young Blind People of Cameroon, you will discover, our projects, our actions and our daily challenges so that the training of disabled people is fully effective so that they contribute to the development of our society. It is also an opportunity to meet those people with disabilities who have been able to overcome their disability, to develop their self-esteem and to thrive in socio-professional formations.

Inclusive education through the Inclusive Maternal and Primary School Bilingual Louis Braille created in 2003, breeding, agriculture, guidance and mobility, functional literacy, specialized computer training, volunteer hosting, Crafts ... are the activities that furnish our daily life.

The YRBCC (Young Rehabilitated Blind of Cameroon Club) wishes simply to make itself known to the general public, to mobilize all public and private actors and all foreign partners and even those who would like to contribute to the development and improvement of the living conditions of people with disabilities. We hope many of you and especially do not hesitate to contact us either to get information on our activities or to request a service.

"Losing sight but keeping the vision for an inclusive society"


The General Manager

Coco Bertin MOWA