Blind women celebrate March 08

2017-07-21 Audrey MAKOUMBO
Blind women celebrate March 08

FADY (Women Dynamic Blind) is a women's group followed by the CJARC. This group has gained an image through the production of agri-food products. This image was brilliantly defended during the week as a prelude to the International Women's Day, the 32nd edition of which was celebrated on March 8, 2017. The national and international community and especially the cadres of the Ministry of Women's Development and The Family were able to observe closely on this occasion that blind women were full-fledged women. Like so-called "able-bodied" women, they are capable of many things. The women's GOALBALL tournament, the national sporting event, the cultural activities in which they took part, and the discussion on the theme "Women in a changing world of work: for a 50-50 world" In 2030 " have proved their knowledge sufficiently.




Message from the CEO


The YRBCC (Young Rehabilitated Blind of Cameroon Club) is an organization that has made its way, nearly 30 years already serving people with disabilities in general and visually impaired people in particular, with a dedicated team that has acquired this noble cause.

I am pleased to invite you to visit the website of the Club of Young Blind People...

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