The first celebration of the World Braille Day at the CJARC

2017-02-10 admin
The first celebration of the World Braille Day at the CJARC

To celebrate the birth of Louis Braille January 04 was declared World Braille Day in 2001 . This day is an occasion to highlight the disadvantage suffered by the blind and the visually impaired but also to recall the existence of braille a tactile alphabet. 

The braille is a tactile writing constructed from 02 ranges of 03 points allowing 64 combinations including the alphabet the accents the punctuation the musical characters ...

In previous years the CJARC had only spoken in the media of the World Braille Day which is celebrated each January 04 since 2001. For the 16th edition it decided not only to talk about it but also for the first time in Cameroon to celebrate it. 

Thus a week of activities was organized and thanks to the support of the MESSANG couple, Cameroonians living in Switzerland, this 1st celebration has had an unparalleled success. 


Message from the CEO


The YRBCC (Young Rehabilitated Blind of Cameroon Club) is an organization that has made its way, nearly 30 years already serving people with disabilities in general and visually impaired people in particular, with a dedicated team that has acquired this noble cause.

I am pleased to invite you to visit the website of the Club of Young Blind People...

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